Purchase Sessions

  • 1 Session (between 50 and 75 minutes) $60
  • 3 Session package $150
  • Adrenal reset (not available as a first appointment) $50
  • Sonic Meridian Flush $100
  • Dr. Tennant’s Essential Oils application $30
  • Use of Tennant’s voltage devices to correct polarity and add voltage during Biofield Tuning add $50 to each session above
  • Use of Dr. Tennant’s voltage devices without Biofield Tuning: to correct polarity, to add voltage and to correct a sympathetic/ parasympathetic imbalance $50/hr.
  • Far and near infrared therapy at variable, time dependent rates not to exceed $50/hr.
  • Biofield Tuning for children 8 and under, half price for 20-30 minutes (also available at a distance at the child’s bedtime)
Biofield Tuning Services